SilverBrick Development

SilverBrick Development Inc. is a Vancouver based multi-family and mixed use real estate investment and Development Company focused on high quality infill and suburban real estate in British Columbia and Western Canada. Every project offers a chance to change lives when we build a new, exceptional place to live, work, and grow. Through creativity, collaboration, and a legacy of world-class real estate services, we identify opportunities that will make valuable additions to our communities, recognizing opportunity where others may not. SilverBrick and its general contractor affiliate, are developing and constructing mixed use projects. SilverBrick’s mission is to create innovative designs infusing new energy and capital into neighborhood communities while remaining consistent with local values. This mission is ingrained in and reflected by the company’s daily operating culture. By prioritizing the enrichment of people and relationships, the SilverBrick group produces winning results for its residents, tenants, employees and investors.